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About Chiropractic 02Did you know that Chiropractic is the fastest growing natural health care profession in the world? It was founded in 1895 and has made significant strides in advancing health care over the past century.

The holistic approach is the major point of the chiropractic philosophy, and it is believed that the body is self-healing organism. Chiropractic focuses on maintaining optimal health naturally and helping the body to resist disease by treating the causes of physical problems, rather than simply treating the symptoms of disease. Combining chiropractic care, proper nutrition and exercise will help you to maintain well-balanced lifestyle and activate longevity.

You have noticed that our lifestyle has dramatically changed over the last decade. Our every day pace has been increased. We spend prolonged hours sitting at our work place and do not exercise. We do not eat properly. We are subjected to greater stress. The pollution with free radicals compromises our immune system and speed up process of aging. We consume more caffeine and nicotine than ever before. Accumulation of these factors slowly demolishes us.

When our organs and body parts are affected, they start to send the signals in a form of discomfort or pain, but we are too busy to notice these messages. Most of us are trying to find a quick fix in a form of pill. Suppressing the pain with medication and analgesic creams masks the irreversible changes that are taking place. This type of negligence usually results in a serious problem that often can only be resolved by a surgical intervention.

These days, more and more people are looking to change their lifestyle, be healthy, have optimal physical performance, learn how to fight stress, learn about benefits of nutrition, and have healthy aging. Chiropractors become more popular health care providers to educate you about necessary steps you have to take toward better living.

You do not have to be in pain to visit a Chiropractic Physician

About Chiropractic 01These days, more and more people are looking to change their lifestyle, be healthy, have optimal physical performance, learn how to fight stress, learn about benefits of nutrition, and have healthy aging. Chiropractors have become more popular health care providers to educate you about necessary toward better living.

You might consider chiropractic care as fine-tuning for your body. Chiropractors focus on the nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), which manages the body’s resources to maintain a state of equilibrium and health. The brain sends messages through the spinal cord across the body’s network of nerves to deliver information to every organ and cell in the body. Any interference with nerve system inhibits the body’s ability to regulate and heal itself.

Misalignments of the bones of the spine are called subluxations. Subluxations cause interference with the nervous system. Subluxations can be caused by slips and falls, auto accidents, poor posture, poor sleeping habits, sports impacts, birth process, and even by stress.

Chiropractors specialize in the detection and correction of misalignments in the spine. By making small adjustments to correct spinal misalignments, and remove interference with spinal cord function, chiropractic can improve the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Chiropractic care is also popular for increased joint health, arthritic joint pain relief, increased performance and energy, increased sense of well-being and relaxation, improved balance ad coordination, reduced degeneration and risk of injury and decreased tissue inflammation.

Spine and Nerve Chart

About Chiropractic 04The spine is one of the most essential parts of the human body. The spinal column is made of 24 vertebrae seven in the neck (cervical spine), twelve in the mid back (thoracic spine) and five in the lower back (lumbar spine), the sacrum and coccyx. Your spinal cord is protected within your spinal column. The spinal cord is a part of your central nervous system that extends from the base of the skull. The spinal cord branches out through the openings between vertebrae and connects to every organ, muscle, joint and cell in the body. Your well-being depends on this communication.

Misaligned spinal vertebrae and discs may cause irritation or damage to the spinal cord and spinal nerves. This will interfere with your brain-body connection and will affect your muscles, joints, organs and overall well-being. To see how your nervous system is connected to your body, click on the link below. Powered by Chironexus.

Interactive 3D Spine

Doctor’s Statement

Kettlebell Crossfit WorkoutHumans are the most complicated and fascinated creation of the Nature. Our musculoskeletal system was designed for physical activities. We have to move in order to keep our body systems healthy. If you noticed, we spend about 20 hours per day without movement. We spend in a bed about 8 hours. We commute to and from work. Most of us sit a great amount of time at a work place. By the time we get home at night, we just want to relax and sit again. Immobility is not in itself that bad, and it is necessary to get physical rest, but prolonged immobility is not healthy. Without movement and physical load we deteriorate and might develop multiple health related disorders. If you are not engaged in a physical activity program on a regular bases, your body is not receiving health-related benefits. Please visit our Old Bridge Chiropractic center to learn more about benefits of exercise and how to implement it to your every day life.

Exercise helps to increase endurance and strength, improve balance and coordination, build stronger immune system, enhance metabolism processes, reduce weight, protect from stress, improve self-esteem, increase blood circulation, decrease pain in joints and spine, fight diseases, alleviate depression, improve health awareness, reduce cardiovascular disorders, reduce blood pressure, improve physical appearance, reduce risk of cancer, etc.

Please take into consideration all the benefits of physical activities and follow your routine exercises to keep your body systems to function properly. For some individuals, exercising on their own is difficult and they need some guidance and lead. In other instances, people are limited in space to set up their apartment with necessary exercise equipment. That is why plenty of sport clubs are available, where you can get professional advice on how to design and perform your exercises. Some gyms have specialty classes (kickboxing, zoomba dancing, aerobics, etc.). These help you to build and improve other physical skills such as better posture, coordination and balance. With all these available options, you just need to make a commitment if you want to stay healthy and beat the aging.

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