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DETOX (short for detoxification) is the removal of toxic or harmful elements from a living organism. The word is often used to refer to the cleansing or purification of a specific organ or body system. Traditional approaches to detoxification include dieting, fasting, chelation, and colon cleanses.

Modern living exposes the body to a wide array of potential toxins in the air we breathe and the food we eat. Although the body is designed to rid itself of harmful elements, it cannot always do so with complete efficiency, and so toxins accumulate. Over time they can build up in high enough concentrations to negatively impact our health.

Toxins can affect the body in several ways. They impair proper organ function. They prevent optimal absorption of nutrients. In addition, these accumulated toxins can render treatments for specific issues less effective or even ineffective. By ridding the body of these toxins we promote better function of the body’s complex systems and increased receptiveness to secondary treatments.

“A Healthy Body begins with cleaning out the accumulated toxins of the past and preparing it to accept new and efficient nutrients. When the body is cleared of poisons, nature will take over and provide us the gift of health.”
– Dr. Hazel Parcells

The body has several mechanisms for ridding itself of unwanted or harmful elements (or for preventing their absorption in the first place):

  • The liver and hepatic systems serve multiple essential functions in the body, including:
  • Synthesizing essential amino acids
  • Metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
  • Synthesizing hormones
  • Storing glucose, vitamins, and minerals

The kidneys and renal system provide one of the body’s elimination routes. They filter the blood and excrete waste such as urea and ammonia. They also secrete various hormones necessary to proper body function.


The GI system provides another route for the elimination of toxins through the removal of digested food matter. It is also responsible for extracting nutrients from the food we eat. Beneficial bacteria residing in the intestine produce helpful vitamins like Vitamin K.


The lymphatic system is part of the immune system. Lymphatic vessels are found in many organs, where they process the interstitial fluid to transport white blood cells and antigen-presenting cells to control and stimulate the immune response.


The principal function of the lungs is to transport oxygen from the atmosphere to the bloodstream. They also assist in the removal of toxins through the production and expectoration of mucous.


The skin is our first line of defense—it provides a barrier to prevent entry of toxins into the body. The skin is also responsible for heat regulation, control of water loss through evaporation, storage of some lipids and water, and some absorption of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.


The brain and spine are the key elements to proper functioning of the matrix and the immune system. brain and spine that are ultimately responsible for the “pumping” action that occurs in the matrix, driving nutrients into the cells and removing toxins for elimination through the various body systems.

In addition to True Cellular Detox we have many detox formulas to choose from.

At Atlant Chiropractic, we offer variety of comprehensive Detox programs that combine professional-grade nutraceutical and homeopathic formulas designed to clear the body of toxins and regenerate healthy tissues and cells. These are most popular combination. Please contact our office for more info.

Introducing – True Cellular Detox

True Cellular Detox is a fundamental component of cellular health. It is a revolutionary program that has the answers why people can’t loose weight, have symptoms such as headaches, achy joints, problem with teeth and gums, or the sense that something “turned down the power of their brain”. It goes even further with insomnia, lack of sex drive, reduced performance, irritability, muscle fatigue, and includes the classic “I just do not feel well.” If you want to feel better, ask yourself two questions:
1. Are you addressing the cause?
2. Are your current methods working?
Most who answer “No”, have missed most common, but overlooked cause. These numerous symptoms can be all outcomes of toxicity. Now, the good news: there is way to support your body to remove toxins safely and effectively with True Cellular Detox Program.

Why True Cellular Detox?

What if you eating the perfect diet, exercising regularly, and yet you still struggle with no energy and loosing weight? Truth is, you are not alone. You are among a growing number of Americans who are suffering from a metabolic condition known as weight loss resistance. This condition is being driven by neurotoxins that affect our brain, hormones, and ultimately our cells. It goes far beyond the inability to lose weight; neurotoxins are an up-stream cause of most chronic health conditions today. The majority of modern chronic diseases, including the rise in autoimmune conditions, autism related disorders, hormone conditions, cancer, heart disease, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, thyroid conditions, diabetes, chronic pain, and any inflammation driven disease, are all connected to neurotoxicity.

The only true solution to any disease state is removing what is interfering with the body healing itself. True Cellular Detox goes upstream to where the real interference is: the Cell. Even the lack of energy and the inability to lose weight are cellular problems driven by neurotoxins, and if you don’t detox the cell you will never get better.

The words TRUE and CELLULAR are used because detox is only real and lasting when it occurs at the cellular level. Cellular detox is fundamental component of fixing a cell, and if you don’t fix the cell you will never get well. The True Cellular Detox process as well as deeper look at other toxins is what believed to be the cause of the epidemic of chronic disease and why most people don’t feel well despite their best efforts.