10 Day Sugar Detox

10 day sugar detoxBefore I talk about 10 Day Sugar Detox program, I have to share this story how Sugar can ruin your health. One day, I had six years old girl as a patient. After taking a history, I found out that she was on anti-biotics for past year due to urinary tract infection. Next thing I noted, the girl did not smile once while I was obtaining more details from her mother trying to discover why medication had no effect. And still I wasn’t getting a clear picture from her mom. Then I asked the girl some question, and when she opened her mouth to answer it, I was really staggered by what I saw. At the age of six years, she had all her teeth with amalgam feelings. Her mom told me that a dentist fixed all her decaying teeth. Did you guess what my next question was? Right, I asked her if she feeds her daughter any sweets. I was told that the girl consumed throughout a day candies, cakes, cookies, chocolate, etc. Then there was a time for my next shock. I explained that the sugar thrives bacteria and her UTI will not heal; in addition, sugar caused her teeth to decay; and on top, the girl was exposed to mercury from amalgam feelings that could compromise her health in numerous ways. The mother refused to understand and said “If my daughter wants sweets, I can’t say no”.

Did you know that sugar is a potentially dangerous product, especially when we are talking about processed white sugar? That is why 10 Day Sugar Detox to start a new journey for better health. If you are interested to find out how it is grown and delivered to your household, you may follow this link.

To make this even more provoking for your mind, you should know that the current technology used to discover cancers in the body is PET (Positron Emission Tomography). This test is completed by injecting the body with radioactive glucose (sugar) solution. Areas, where the cancer is most active, will attract glucose, because sugar allows cancer to thrive.

Please read “124 Ways Sugar Ruins Your Health By Nancy Appleton, N.D.” to discover why sugar and other sweeteners must be avoided as much as possible.

124 Ways Sugar Ruins Your Health By Nancy Appleton”

Detoxing from sugars is not an easy task, but taking into consideration all the health concerns, this is one of the few steps to healthy new you.

Instructions For 10 Day Sugar Detox:
  1. Remove all foods from the “Avoid” list below, and eat only foods on the “Good” list.
  2. If you slip-up and eat foods from “Avoid” list, then you have to start from day one again.
Foods to Avoid:
[x_columnize] Agave Nectar
All Fried Foods
All Fruits, but not on Good list
All Grains, but not on Good list
Artificial Sweeteners Breads (including Ezekiel)
Cream Sauces
Evaporated Cane Juice
Flour Fructose
Fruit Juice
High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
Hydrogenated Oils
Maple Syrup
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
Raw Cane Sugar
Trans Fats
White Rice
Good Foods:
[x_columnize] Vegetables, except potatoes
Brown Rice
Beets (limit to ½ cups per serving)
Carrots (limit to ½ cups per serving)
Coconut Oil
Grape Seed Oil
Goji Berries
Lemon and Lime
Nuts (limit to ½ cups per day)
Olive Oil
Organic Free-Range Chicken
Organic Free-Range Turkey
Organic Grass-Fed Beef
Organic Grass-Fed Lamb
Wild Caught Fish
Yams (limit to ½ cup per serving)

After the cleanse, you can slowly add back fruits, whole grains and all natural sweeteners, such as agave nectar and stevia. However, processed sugars and processed grain should still be avoided


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