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What is Brilliant B Plus?

Brilliant B Plus is a unique blend of essential nutrients to support healthy brain and neurological functions. This exclusive combination plays important role as cofactors for synthesis of various neurotransmitters required for normal cognition and general neurological health. It consists of Vitamin B Complex (B6, B12, Folate), Magnesium and Vitamin D, which are blended together for maximum results.

It is a well-know fact that B vitamins are important for numerous functions of the human body. They are used for energy production, red blood cells formation, body defense mechanism, and neurological support. B Complex vitamins play fundamental roles by working alone or in tandem with other essential vitamins and minerals.

When it comes to neurological concerns, Vitamin B Complex including vitamins B6, B12 and Folate (Folic Acid) are extremely important. Deficiency of these essential B group vitamins leads to different neurological and psychological problems. As we age, B vitamins deficiency is a common finding due to decrease absorption and is secondary due to reduction of stomach acid secretion.

Magnesium is an abundant mineral in the body. It is naturally present in many foods, added to other food products, or available as a dietary supplement. Magnesium is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, many of which used for energy production. It helps to maintain normal muscle and nerve function, supports a healthy immune system, promotes normal blood pressure and keeps bones strong.Magnesium deficiency is a major factor in many common health problems. Research also suggests that vitamin B6 stimulates absorption of magnesium in the gut.

Many studies have demonstrated that optimal vitamin D levels help to enhance cognitive function. Vitamin D helps to control the conversion of tryptophan to serotonin (neurotransmitter that is responsible for maintaining mood balance). Serotonin is manufactured in the brain and the intestines. As a neurotransmitter, serotonin influences brain cells that have direct effect on memory, mood, behavior, sleep, appetite, digestion, sexual desire and function.

“Brilliant B Plus is a one of kind formula that my patients really like and notice the results. It helps to support stress, energy, mood and neuromuscular function.” – Dr. Aleksander Kanevsky

Brilliant B Plus is a professional grade nutritional supplement that possesses multiple properties for better health.

  • Vitamin B complex helps support energy production and red blood cells formation. B vitamins and Magnesium help to release energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats*
  • Vitamin B complex help to improve memory and concentration by supporting healthy homocystine levels*
  • B vitamins and Magnesium support metabolic, cardiovascular, muscular and central/peripheral nervous systems*
  • B12, Folate and Vitamin D help normal function of psychological and cognitive performance, especially as we age*
  • This product DOES NOT CONTAIN: colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, yeast, starch, and soy. Gluten-Free.

To purchase this excellent blend, please ask our staff or follow this link to exclusive Amazon listing:


Article by Aleksander Kanevsky, DC, CFMP

At New York City Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Center, Dr. Aleksander Kanevsky provides Chiropractic Care, Bioenergetic Medicine, Functional Medicine and Nutrition. Dr. Kanevsky demonstrates why this type of integrative care is an essential addition to a health care practice. He helps people to achieve quality of life and highest expression of health.

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