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Atlant Health is dedicated to providing you with the best care possible no matter your condition. If you reside in the greater New York area, we are here to help relieve your aches and pains and guide you on the road to recovery and balance. Dr. Aleksander Kanevsky is available to meet your needs and we want you to understand that no matter what the condition, we care for our patients.

We understand that many problems may arise in your body. An item is picked up wrong, you get hurt at work, or you’re just not feeling yourself. Our chiropractic and functional medicine practices can share some insight and background into how to treat your condition, no matter how small or great it is.

Healing Your Body

Our top priority is understanding the underlying problem in your body and pinpointing the problem. Through the use of chiropractic techniques, testing, and functional medicine practices we will underscore several steps in order to heal your body. Some common musculoskeletal conditions you may be experiencing today could be:

Back Pain


Joint Pain

Muscle Pain

Neck Pain

Radiating Pain


Sports Injuries

Some other common conditions you may be experiencing today could be:

Thyroid Disorders

Lymes Disease

Gastrointestinal Health

Autoimmune Disease

The list goes on and on because the body is unpredictable and you can never know exactly what’s wrong until you consult with Dr. Kanevsky. While we understand your condition may be scary right now, our facility hosts technology and procedures which will help your body achieve maximum balance and health.

Our Services

We are proud to offer several of the most cutting edge developments in science and how it correlates to the body to help homeostasis re-enter your life. All of our procedures have been tried and tested, and our patients have great success. One of these procedures is right for you today.

  • Chiropractic – Chiropractic methods have been around for quite some time and it is a safe and effective method of manipulating the neuro-musculoskeletal system. When your body becomes misaligned, several negative factors can be involved. For example, a headache could be the end result for a subluxation of the spine. The body’s nervous system travels like a highway through the musculoskeletal system and Dr. Kanevsky understands the safe and effective methods of manipulating them for better health.
  • Functional Medicine – In essence, functional medicine is the thorough strategy of getting to the root cause of your problem through a system-oriented model which will prompt us to discover underlying causes. Functional medicine is the practice of understanding before delivering a verdict. This process is very effective because it eliminates the guesswork and allows us to treat you where you need it most.
  • Shockwave Therapy – If you have a condition that is leaving you in pain, shockwave therapy could be an option for you. We provide a treatment of radial shockwaves which is known to be great for orthopedic or neuro-muskutal conditions like back pain, knee pain, etc.
  • Blood Chemistry Analysis & ASYRA Testing – These are two of the most advanced forms of testing in modern science which shares how to identify imbalances and deficiencies as well as several negative features your body may be hosting at the time.

Your body is a series of puzzles and question marks when pain or discomfort comes. Discover a brand new approach to health and wellness within your body through the use of advanced methodologies which can make you feel better. When you’re in pain, don’t just mask the problem with prescriptions, find the root cause of the problem by allowing Dr. Kanevsky to lead you into a new era of health.

Are you suffering from pain or discomfort right now? Please don’t wait any longer to set up a consultation today. We welcome you into our practice and are excited to take this journey with you. Contact us today for your consultation.

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