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Joint Pain


joint pain chiropractorJoint pain can be discomforting and usually results from inflammation and swelling in and around the joint areas. Any part of your joint has the capability of causing discomfort and swelling including cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments, and even muscles. Sometimes joint pain can only be mild, causing more aggravation to the patient than pure pain. Other times it can feel as if your bone is grinding on bone in excruciating pain. No matter which type of joint pain you are enduring today, make sure you don’t ignore it because it could lead to serious problems for your health in the future.

Common Causes of Joint Pain

Some of the more common causes of joint pain are attributed to arthritis or arthralgia. Arthralgia means the joint itself is having inflammatory problems and causing the pain in the patient. The most common causes of this type of pain can be mild. Usually flaring up after certain physical activities. Wear and tear on joints like the fingers can create arthritis in the patient, which simply means overuse of these joints in the hand have been overworked causing inflammatory pain.

Other causes of joint pain could be severe. There are several different symptoms and illnesses which lead to severe pain including:

  • Adult Still’s Disease
  • Bone cancer
  • Bursitis
  • Dislocation
  • Gout
  • Lupus

These are just a few illnesses that have severe pain attached to them which makes the patient’s life unbearable at times. If you are currently experiencing severe pain, make sure you schedule a consultation with one of our health care professionals today.

Why See A Chiropractor For Arthritis Pain

Pain and inflammation of the joints are two symptoms that come hand in hand with each other. Joint pain also might be caused by rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease that attacks the joint lining membranes. At first symptoms of pain, many people will consider going to their family doctor to be prescribed medication which will ease the pain. While there is nothing wrong with this practice, the problem is the patient is not receiving the exceptional care that gets to the root of the issue.

Seeing our chiropractor professional will allow you to do a complete history workup on your health. In addition, using functional medicine principles, chiropractors can usually discover the root problem of pain and restore patient’s body balance back to where their pain is manageable again.

What You Should Consider With Joint Pain

If your underlying problem isn’t illness related as we discussed above, and you continuously experience joint pain, one of the things you should consider is lifestyle changes. Patients who change their lifestyle and the way they accomplish different daily tasks, will have opportunity  in allowing their body to heal and recover from the body’s aches and pains. Learn what you are doing throughout the day which could contribute to your pain and begin to cut down on doing that activity or process. For example, motions that are repetitive in nature or activities which put your body through blunt trauma can have a significant impact on helping yourself recover from joint pain.

Work With Professionals

If your pain persists, it is necessary that you schedule a consultation with ou chiropractic professional. He will perform a complete medical history and discover why your joints have been aching. This practice has delivered many positive results for Atlant Health and we are proud to work with people who are willing to make the necessary changes to be able to live a better wellness lifestyle. Pain can make your life more difficult, working with a trained professional can help ease your body back into homeostasis which provides a more balanced life, and of course, pain-free joints.

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