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Muscle Pain


muscle pain chiropractorMuscle pain, often called musculoskeletal pain, can be some of the most aggravating and painful types of pain in the body. Most often caused by jerking movements, automobile accidents, and falls. The body is full of muscle groups, each one doing a different job. When pain becomes an issue in your life, it is difficult to keep up with your hectic schedule until you learn what is the problem and how you can solve it. Depending on the issue of your pain, you may either need chiropractic care or massage therapy. Combining these two different approaches to your clinical treatments, you can aid your recovery time and speed the healing process. When your muscles ache, become sore or inflamed, it can be counterproductive to your life.

The Causes of Muscle Pain

Our professionals will drive to the root of your pain by determining what is the main cause. There are multiple causes of pain that can create problems in your life. While some pain isn’t as debilitating as others, discovery is still a necessary step to know which measures to take to begin the path to health in your life. Here are several causes of pain that could be giving you problems.

Common Causes

Some of the most common causes of muscle pain in most individuals are tension, stress, overuse, and some are caused by simple injuries to the muscles. These common causes can generally be made well with rest and some light therapy massage. Sometimes a lifestyle change is necessary to reduce the amount of tension and stress that a person experiences throughout their day. High demanding jobs or work that requires lifting can often be a result of muscle pain that usually can be treated fairly easily.

Systemic Muscle Pain

This type of pain is experienced throughout the entire body and is brought on by the result of infections, illnesses, and sometimes even reactions to specific medications.

While this kind of pain is less painful than bone pain, it can still be very debilitating for the patient. There are many factors that can attribute to severe pain such as autoimmune reaction, a severe injury, loss of blood to the muscle, and even a tumor. These types of injuries or ailments can often cause muscle spasms and even cramps and can be very disheartening to the person feeling the pain.

Conditions That Cause Muscle Pain

Having muscle pain doesn’t necessarily mean you have fallen or lifted something the wrong way. Sometimes it’s attributed to underlying problems. If you have had this pain for a while and have never been diagnosed with any of these illnesses, you may want to consult a professional.

  • Fibromyalgia pain – could cause muscles to pain and ache for three months or longer
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome – the connective tissues called fascia could be inflamed
  • Thyroid problems
  • Hypokalemia – also called low potassium, this could create muscle pain in your body

These symptoms are just a few diagnoses that could prevent your body from functioning at its fullest capacity. If your muscles have been in pain for a while, it is a good possibility there are other underlying problems you should be concerned with.

What To Do When You Have Muscle Pain

Since the most common causes of muscle pain come with tension, stress, and overexertion, one of the easiest ways to combat pain is to make sure to rest the area. This means no physical activity on the muscle groups which are causing the pain. If your pain is stress-related, changing up your daily tasks should be an option to feel better. However, if your pain persists, our professionals can help you discover and learn more about the genesis of your pain and how to treat it.

While muscle pain is not generally thought of as dangerous in a person’s life, make sure you get the rest you need in order for your body to heal itself. If the pain persists over a few days with no results of positive health, make sure you consult one of our health care professionals for a consultation. Our chiropractors are ready to treat your problem and have you back on track.

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