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Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is a new approach and one of the best methods to identify underlying biochemical and nutritional imbalances

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis


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Blood tests have been used as a tool for determining health status for a long time. However, conventional blood tests have been used mainly for diagnosing disease. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is a new approach and one of the best methods to identify underlying biochemical and nutritional imbalances that dictate the health status. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis helps to interpret blood test markers and understand these imbalances to prevent disease before it affects one’s health.

Modern research and methodology within the medical field has allowed the access into how medical professionals look and decode markers in the blood for biochemical and nutritional deficiencies and imbalances. A comprehensive blood chemistry panel and analysis can give a healthcare professional insight into existing and developing health problems and allow for a preventative course of action.

As a Functional Medicine practitioner, I truly believe this type of in-depth testing is very essential to understand how to develop a clear plan to optimal health. There might be other functional test available (genetic testing, organic urinary acids testing, stool testing, hormonal testing) to investigate more complex issues, but Comprehensive Blood Chemistry Analysis is the first step to recognize changes in functional patterns before they fall into pathological range.

Functional blood chemistry ranges vs “regular lab ranges”

There are two ways to interpret laboratory results. Functional blood chemistry ranges and regular lab ranges. They are also known as optimal ranges and pathological ranges. Test values that fall between optimal ranges and pathological ranges are considered sub-clinical and may indicate the beginning stages of disease. In other words, there might be a condition that isn’t bad enough to be treated medically.

Most times, very basic blood panel is run to determine a health status. It is impossible to develop right path to healing based on limited information and general lack of focus on disease prevention. The goal of functional blood chemistry analysis is to identify even the slightest shift in these patterns and develop a plan to optimal health. Therefore, comprehensive blood work is necessary to analyze necessary blood markers to have a “bigger picture”.

Benefits of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis:
  • Evaluates metabolic status.
  • Identifies early health risks in blood sugar, cardiovascular health, thyroid function, autoimmune disorders, hormonal imbalances, immune challenges, adrenal dysfunction.
  • Identifies unique nutritional deficiencies or excesses.
  • Provides personalized nutritional protocols to address nutritional imbalances instead of wasting money on “the supplement of the month.”
  • Provides early detection signs of life-threatening health conditions.
  • Helps to identify root cause of many chronic health challenges.
  • Calls attention to lab values that are out of Functional Range as opposed to Lab Ranges, which could be addressed with life style changes, supplements, diet modifications.
  • Monitor records and effectiveness of nutritional program with precise modifications when necessary.
  • Maintaining desired blood markers within functional (optimal) ranges will allow your immune, endocrine and neurological systems to function at their best and helping your live healthier life.


Do not rely on the “Supplement of the Month”. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis provides great deal of information about your health status. This comprehensive analysis helps do decode blood markers to understand nutritional needs for achieving and maintaining health.

What do I receive after my Functional Blood Analysis completed?

You will receive the extensive report indicating following sections:

  • Blood test results – A graphical report listing the results of your blood test organized by categories. The report highlights biomarkers that are outside the standard and optimal ranges.
  • Blood Test Comparative – A report listing the results of your blood test results highlighting biomarkers that are outside the optimal range.
  • Blood Test Results Score – A report that shows the biomarkers on the blood test that are farthest from optimal expressed as a %.
  • Out Of Optimal Range Markers – A report giving background details about the biomarkers on this blood test that are outside the optimal range high and low.
  • Functional Index – A graphical and narrative report of an analysis of this blood test showing the 20+ Indices of Functional Health.
  • Nutrient Index – A graphical and narrative report of an analysis of this blood test showing the 6 Indices of Nutrient Health and Individual Nutrient Deficiencies.
  • Health Improvement Plan – Unique customized recommendations to help bring the systems of the body back into balance.
  • Product Summary – The report provides a summary of the nutritional supplements recommended to help bring the systems of your body back into balance. You may choose from the list of following brands: Metagenics, Designs For Health, Xymogen, Biotics Research, Apex Energetics, Standard Process, Premiere Research Labs, Ortho Molecular, or Generics product list.
  • Blood Test History – A historical view of up to 6 earlier performed ones side by side highlighting biomarkers that are outside the optimal ranges. This helps to track improvement and modify the plan.

Who can order this test?

Individuals from anywhere within the United States can order Functional & Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis.

Do I need to make an office appointment?

Absolutely not. Your presence is not required for Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis to be performed. Blood Chemistry Analysis is performed in our office. When the report is generated, it will be emailed back to you. The report includes multiple sections that outline all the results as mentioned in the section above “What do I receive after my Functional Blood Analysis is completed”.

What is required for Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis?

A copy of your current blood laboratory results is required for Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.

To get the most comprehensive Functional & Nutritional Blood Chemistry Analysis report, we would have to analyze as many blood markers are possible. Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis uses specific patterns to determine potential issues and nutritional deficiencies that can affect your health status. You may upload a copy of your blood work PDF file in the form on this page when you create an account at a secure site and make a payment for this service.

The following markers are excellent basis for this comprehensive analysis.

Download List

If I do not have current blood test results, how can I request one?

Your practitioner may order all, or most of the markers listed HERE

If you do not have a healthcare practitioner to order this blood work for you, please contact our office. Will will supply a requisition form that you can take to a near phlebotomy service. If you have a health insurance coverage, most if not all markers listed should be covered.

What is the cost of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis?

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis is used to identify underlying biochemical and nutritional imbalances. This service is not covered by your insurance plan.

  • Comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis – $200
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