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Is Radial Shockwave Therapy Effective?

Vigorous activities like running and jumping can strain tendons and cause long-term foot damage. Sometimes, extensive damage slows down the recovery. This is where radial shockwave therapy comes to the rescue. It’s an excellent non-invasive way to treat pain and speed up recovery.

Studies show that radial shockwave therapy is effective for chronic pain and tendonitis.

Here’s why radial shockwave therapy is more effective for pain relief than other invasive methods.

What Is It for?

Musculoskeletal conditions are where muscle tissue, ligaments, and tendons tear or become stiff, and the body can’t heal these issues.

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive solution for elbow, knee, shoulder, and back pain.

It’s better not to rely on over-the-counter medication like pain killers to ease the pain. Instead, always consult a health specialist to diagnose if you’re experiencing consistent pain and need an effective solution.

The Science Behind Radial Shock Therapy

Shockwaves can enhance tissue regeneration and even break bladder stones. The treatment uses mechanically produced sound waves rather than electrical shocks.

A tool generates sound waves that pass through soft tissue and reach the area causing inflammation and trauma. The energy from the propagated sound waves triggers cells to produce chemicals that quicken regeneration, thereby increasing blood circulation in that area. This makes the body think there’s active inflammation in the region and begins the healing response.

The length of the treatment and number of sessions depends on the severity of the pain, but usually, you might need up to six sessions for ten days.

Why Opt for Radial Shockwave Therapy?

This method is mainly for those whose injuries were unresponsive to other treatments like ice therapy, pain killers, physiotherapy, and injections.

However, radial shockwave therapy shouldn’t be confused with therapeutic ultrasound. Therapeutic ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves, while RSWT uses low-frequency waves to initiate healing and recovery in the body.

The disadvantage of ultrasound therapy is that there’s a chance of thermal effects in body tissue, but RSWT has no such issue.

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Article by Aleksander Kanevsky, DC, CFMP

At New York City Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Center, Dr. Aleksander Kanevsky provides Chiropractic Care, Bioenergetic Medicine, Functional Medicine and Nutrition. Dr. Kanevsky demonstrates why this type of integrative care is an essential addition to a health care practice. He helps people to achieve quality of life and highest expression of health.

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