Program to Restore Testosterone Naturally.


Many men today express concerns associated with decreased libido, low energy, difficulty handling daily stress, having hard time loosing and maintaining healthy weight. Did you know that hormonal balance in men plays important role on health status as hormonal balance and health among women?

I created the program how to improve Men’s Health, because many of my male chiropractic patients expressed personal concerns about their performance that has diminished over the years. Knowing about my passion to natural healing, they asked how could I help them. They wanted to be the Men they used to be.

After asking questions and analyzing personal information, including blood work and hormonal testing, I realized what most of these men have in common, and I started to work on the program how to restore healthy testosterone and hormone function. The goal was to understand why this is happening and find a natural solution to help these men.

So I began reviewing medical research trying to find answers. I came across peer reviewed literature and science-based facts that explained why testosterone can drop and why a man’s body has a hard time maintaining its optimal levels. I learned what crucial part testosterone plays on a person’s health.

Back in 2010 Life Extensions Magazine, well known and trusted among millions practitioners and consumers, reported that was “an epidemic of testosterone deficits, where more that 80% of men tested, had less than optimal testosterone blood levels”. This was concluded after 7,000 blood tests performed.

These are real issues associated with low testosterone:

  • Loss of skeletal mass integrity.
  • Increase of body fat.
  • Get tired and experience fatigue easily.
  • Loss of motivation.
  • Decreased libido.
  • May develop depression.

Testosterone doesn’t work alone. It works in concert with other hormones like Estrogen, Progesterone and has to be balanced for optimum performance and health. When people start adding just testosterone, without addressing the entire process of hormonal production and metabolism, most likely the benefits will be temporary or non-effective, or even undesirable leading to other complications.

Luckily, there are conventional and functional lab testing available to evaluate and understand how the body makes, metabolizes and keeps hormones and other elements in balance for optimal health.

Please note that testing by Precision Analytical (evaluation of hormones metabolism) and Great Plains (body functions and neurotransmitters evaluation) are absolutely necessary for comprehensive analysis. Additional blood work analysis is also important to evaluate general body function from one of the following labs: LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics, BioReference, Empire City Labs, or Accu Reference Medical Lab.

At Atlant Health, we evaluate lab data from testing and create a personalized plan that consists of specific diet, exercise and nutritional supplementation to regain the energy and become the man you used to be.