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What You Need to Know about The Yanks

The most successful and the most popular professional sports team in the USA, the Yankees (or, shorter, “The Yanks”) have, so far, won an incredible number of titles: 27 World Series championships and 40 Al pennants, to mention only the most important ones. Since the Yankees Franchise is directed towards winning championships, the management offers a large payroll in order to attract talents. The National Baseball Hall of Fame has already inducted 11 managers and 44 Yankees players. They are the second highest valued sports franchise in the USA, whose value is estimated to be of around $4 billion.

The rivalry with the Boston Red Sox is among the most famous in America, with a dedicated base of fans from both sides. Yankees fan base come much further than the New York metropolitan area. Over 3 million fans attend the games in regular season each and every year. One of the amazing facts is that the Bombers, as the Yanks are popularly called, are the 3rd franchise in the world that attracted more than 4 million fans in their own ballpark.

The Top Facts about the Yankees Stadium

The Yankee Stadium in NYC, located on One East 161st Street in Bronx, is a magnificent place that offers incredible wonders to all Yankees fans. If you are interested in learning more about the stadium, the club and its history, the Yankee Stadium Tour is definitely the best choice. This tour will provide you with a chance to learn a lot about the history of the club, not to mention the opportunity to take a close look at the historic baseball artifacts. Along the way, you can visit some exclusive locations and see and hear exciting historical facts related to the 27-time World Serious Champion. The tours are all led by the experienced tour guides who will make sure your time at the Stadium is truly well spent.

For those fans who already have a valid game ticket, the Yankee Stadium Pregame Tour is a great option. This tour is also guided by one of the knowledgeable Museum curators and will first take you through the NY Yankees Museum Presented by Bank of America, then through the iconic Monument Park, and it will end by giving you an access to batting practice in Section 105. What truly is incredible is the fact that, during the tour, you will have a unique opportunity to touch historic Yankees artifacts, like game-used baseballs, bats and jerseys.

Yankee Stadium also offers a chance for you to celebrate your child’s birthday party at the stadium. Party City Birthday Bashes include a private guided tour of the stadium, gift bags and ball caps for all the party guests. It’s a remarkable chance to organize and experience a unique and memorable event.

The Stadium management is responsible for providing comfortable and safe environment to all the visitors. You are, thus, of course, expected to return the courtesy and follow certain guidelines, so that everyone is able to fully enjoy the environment and the events.

For all the other information you are interested in, we suggest you visit the official Yankee website and do a little research related to the Stadium, as well as the club. You will be amazed by some of the facts and figures, for sure.