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Sciatic pain chiropractorSciatica is a pain problem many people experience. This symptom is caused by some type of problem with the nerve. This nerve runs from the lower back down the back of the legs. The sciatic nerve can become injured or strained in some fashion and create serious problems for the patient if they do not get it fixed. If you are experiencing pain in your lower back, buttocks, hips, or legs, it generally means you have a sciatic problem. In the end, nearly 90% of patients who suffer from a sciatic injury or pain, usually recover over a period of time without surgery when they have it treated by a healthcare professional.

Sciatic Nerve Symptoms

There are several symptoms of sciatic nerve pain. If you are experiencing pain in one or more of these regions, it is a good chance the sciatic nerve is involved.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is the most common symptom of nerve pain. Generally, this pain goes through the lower back and can extend into the lower leg. This can sometimes cause numbness and tingling sensations along with the pain and can be severely uncomfortable for the patient.

Hip and Buttocks Pain

When something is compressing on the sciatic nerve, it can affect a lot of areas as we have discovered. If you are experiencing pain in your hips or buttocks, especially when you sit, cough, or sneeze, it’s a good chance sciatic nerve is involved. If you feel better sitting on one side of your hips than the other, or you find yourself adjusting your stance while you stand for more comfort, sciatic nerve pain is affecting you.

Leg Pain

Sciatic nerve pain can cause the legs to ache and even have other types of pain. Sciatic nerve pain affects the leg through numbness and tingling and can even happen when one sits for too long on one side of the hip or another. Since the sciatic nerve travels through these areas, it’s a good chance that all three of these locations are being affected by sciatic nerve pain in some form or fashion.

How To Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain

The best treatment for sciatic nerve pain is to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals today. In most cases, sciatic nerve pain can be treated with chiropractic care. If you would like to try to treat yourself at home before seeing a healthcare professional, these treatment plans are a good place to start:

  • Light walking or exercise
  • Over the counter ibuprofen or other pain medicine
  • Hot or cold compression packs
  • Rest

Over 85% of Americans suffer from some type of back pain in their lives. It is important to remember that not all back pain stems from sciatic nerve pain and it is crucial to get yourself checked out if the pain persists over a week’s time. Overextending and straining are the common causes of back pain in most cases and these can be fixed through our systematic processes which will guide you back to a healthy sciatic nerve.

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